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Fab Fresh

Fab Fresh

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HELPS PROMOTE VAGINAL PH BALANCE: Promotes body's natural vaginal pH balance and maintains vaginal hygiene thus preventing unpleasant and unnatural odors. You can use the spray everyday, anytime of the day. Use it after shower, peeing or during your period when you need it most.

FORMULATED WITH DEODORIZING AGENTS: Your on-the-go confidence in a bottle. It's a no need to rinse odor neutralizing feminine spray for the intimate area. It contains no harsh chemicals. It’s paraben-free and safe for everyday use. It will surely make intimate moments with your partner truly pleasurable ones.

GENTLE ENOUGH FOR MOST SKIN TYPES: Coochy is safe to use in your intimate areas. Effectively eliminates bad odor and provides a refreshing effect. It has a mild and gentle formula. Safe for everyday use.

LEAVES SKIN FEELING FRESH AND CLEAN: Add a blast of freshness to your look with this oh so fresh Coochy intimate feminine spray featuring a deodorizing and PH balancing complex that soothes and smooths in an aromatic peony scent.

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